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2017 Dive trip .... Our liveaboard trip to Komodo Island with Wicked Diving 

Scuba diving trip
A group of 10 divers and 1 snorkeller 10 year old Zoe made the trip and it was fun all round with great guides, crew and food.
We did 9 dives in total and on the last day after diving we went to the national park and saw the Komodo dragons.
The last dive topped it all off as it was like diving in an aquarium with octopus, various moray eels, giant sweet lips, giant trevally, sharks and so many beautiful colourfull tropical fish.

The other exciting part of the dive was being up close to Manta Rays.....and not only the mantas you expect but an all black one
Hawksbill turtle rainforest scuba dive trip
Hawksbill turtle
Crocodile fish rainforest scuba dive trip
Camouflage at it's best
Trumpet and Puffer fish rainforest scuba dive trip
Trumpet and Puffer
Stone fish rainforest scuba dive trip
Stone fish
Octopus rainforest scuba dive trip
Black Mantaray rainftorest scuba dive trip
All black manta with friend
Mantaray rainforest scuba dive trip
Manta at cleaning station
Reef shark rainforest scuba dive trip
One of the many types of sharks
Fod fish rainforest scuba dive trip
Fod fish
Moray Eel rainforest scuba dive trip
Two great friends
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